"Sarah contributed to our business on many levels as our Multimedia Design Specialist. Her creative design impact was powerful across our printed brochures and technical specification sheets, trade show display, print ad development, video production, website content, photography, and company re-branding.

Her graphics capabilities are excellent, her photography skills are professional grade, and her writing style is first rate. Sarah is very resourceful and our business benefited greatly from her skills and capabilities. She takes initiative with little direction and produces top-notch materials.

Sarah has a great sense of humor, is a joy to work with, and has a passion for adding value. It is rare to encounter a person whose talents translate so brilliantly into results. She left a huge, positive impression in a short period of time."

Kevin Ewing

Vice President of Sales | Thermotron Industries
"I had the fortunate privilege to work with Sarah Brown for two years in the York County School Division. Anyone who sees Sarah’s work knows how talented she is. What is unique about Sarah is her ability to connect with her clients in an effort to identify their specific needs. She uses this connection to create a personalized product. Sarah was instrumental in helping our instructional team develop and brand many of our materials and products. This branding not only made our work stand out, it provided a sense of pride and ownership. We are sad that Sarah left us to return to Michigan. Our loss is someone’s gain. I would hire her in a New York minute!"

Candi Skinner

Director of Elementary Education | York County School Division
"Sarah is an incredibly sharp and creative team member. Her strength lies in her boundless out-of-the-box creativity. She is intuitive to her customers desires and relates well with all of them. She is one of the fastest designers I've yet to work with creating quality pieces in minimal time. Along with her design capabilities Sarah also possesses a knack for color combinations as well."

Yukiko Johnson

Administrative Assistant | Dakota Hope Clinic
"Sarah was part of a very small yet influential communication team in our division. Her guidance and input was sought after by staff in every department, on every level. She is respected not only for her work product and work ethic, but her ability to work with others. We miss her greatly and would welcome her back to our team in an instant."

Victor D. Shandor, Ed.D.

Division Superintendent | York County School Division
"Sarah worked for the division for two years, yet her energy, enthusiasm and ability to work with staff across the division creates the illusion that she had been part of TeamYCSD forever. She approached every project and task with the same level of dedication and commitment to high quality and embraced opportunities to expand her skills from primarily design and photography work to writing and editing along with video production. She willingly shares her expertise to help others improve their skills as well."

Katherine Goff

Public Relations & Communications Officer | York County School Division
"Sarah is amazing to work with! She listens to your ideas, then uses her creativity to take your idea far beyond what you imagined. I have full confidence in her abilities, appreciate her commitment to customer satisfaction, and would recommend her to anyone!"

Janice Supplee

Vice President for Enrollment Management & Marketing | Cedarville University
"Sarah has an amazing ability to meet and exceed expectations at a pace that is hard to believe.

She has a great attitude towards work and is a pleasure to have in the office. She takes instruction well and always finds a creative way to improve on even the simplest of tasks."

Chad Jackson

Director of Marketing | Cedarville University
"Sarah came to Escape Creative with extensive experience in Photography & Graphic Design, but she wanted to expand her skillset to include the web. She worked on client websites, internal branding, social media design, signage, business cards, WordPress, photography, SEO & more.

One of Sarah’s greatest assets is her ability to work independently. If you ask her for something, and just give her a general direction, she’ll come back with several well-thought-out options within the hour. And she’ll defend each one as to the choices she made. She’s very intentional with her design, always keeping the end goal in mind. I exposed Sarah to many new things, and she picked up on them quickly. She’s not afraid to ask questions to make sure she understands something, and she’s resourceful in finding many answers on her own. She also showed a desire to work on these new skills on her own time, on her own projects, knowing this would expedite her learning.

Sarah is an exceptional photographer. She’s very creative, comes up with a variety of professional/fun/serious photos, and makes you feel comfortable while you’re doing it. And she delivers the final photos quickly, and in multiple formats. She has done a variety of different shoots for us, and all the results were phenomenal.

Sarah’s professionalism is second to none, and her exuberant personality is a pleasure to have around the office. She handled all the communication with several 3rd party vendors, and I never thought twice about it. She was full of energy, and excited to be in the office everyday she came in. She’s one of the easiest people to get along with, and I can guarantee she’ll leave your office better off than how she found it."

Dave Warfel

Owner, Consultant, Designer & Developer | Escape Creative